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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find some answers to commonly asked questions below.

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Can I track my trucks or dumpsters with DOP?2021-09-02T16:22:27+00:00

Yes. Once an asset is tied to a service and location in DOP, it will be visible on the map. If you choose to use our routing feature in your trucks, you will be able to see the truck’s progress on the map as well.

What types of SMS notifications does DOP send?2021-09-02T16:15:38+00:00

Customers who choose to receive notifications will receive service alerts, invoice alerts, and payment alerts through either (or both) emails and texts.

What makes entering customer info so fast in DOP?2021-09-02T16:11:41+00:00

DOP provides multiple solutions to speed up the process of entering in customer information. 1) We can transfer customer information from your previous software to DOP. 2) We can quickly populate customer names and addresses by zip code. 3) We can sync online customer lead information directly to DOP’s customer information section.

Do I need a specific brand or type of equipment in the truck for DOP’s routing program?2021-09-02T16:06:16+00:00

No. As long as the equipment has a web browser (and data plan), you can use it with DOP.

Can I manually sequence my routes, or do I need to use the computer generated route?2021-09-14T19:39:30+00:00

Either option is available to you with DOP. The computer-generated route will optimize your truck routes, but you can manually change the sequence however you want – and DOP will keep those changes from week to week.

Can DOP process autopay with a single click?2021-09-02T14:19:04+00:00

Yes. For those customers who sign up for autopay, you can send an invoice and simultaneously charge their bank accounts with one click.

Do my customers need to remember their account number every time they pay online?2021-09-02T14:17:22+00:00

After the initial set-up when the account information is typed in, your customers will log in with a username and password.

Does DOP work with Quickbooks?2021-09-02T14:14:58+00:00

Yes. Electronic check and credit card deposits can be linked to Quickbooks through, DOP’s online payment processing gateway.

Can my customers pay with credit card or check online?2021-09-02T14:14:02+00:00

Yes. We’ll create an online payment portal for your customers that will sync your DOP client app to, an online payment processing company.

How does DOP make receivables easier/faster?2021-09-02T14:13:04+00:00

With DOP’s Bulk Deposits feature, you no longer have to type or write out account numbers and payment amounts; simply use a scanner to quickly and easily enter in mailed-in or dropped-off payments. In addition, electronic payments are automatically updated in DOP without any effort on your part.

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